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Samokutyaev Alexander Mikhailovich, Hero of Russia, pilot-cosmonaut, Deputy Commander of the Cosmonaut Detachment of the Gagarin Research Institute of the CTC (Star City, Shchelkovsky district, Moscow region, Russia),
Shindin Victor Vladimirovich, student, Academy of Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia (8 Zoe and Alexandra Kosmodemyanskikh street, Moscow, Russia),

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In the modern world, it is impossible to imagine your daily life without information technology. The history of formation extends over the entire past century, and even earlier. A breakthrough stage in the use of information technology took place at the end of the past century. Currently, we no longer see modern life without ubiquitous information gadgets, the main unique characteristics are globality, accessibility and work in real time, the so-called "online". The scale of the use of information technologies have demonstrated their both everyday social efficiency and the organization of life in crisis situations, incl. the latest bacteriological emergency, an international pandemic. A special modern parameter "multi-sphere" is the use of computerized information systems (hardware-software complexes) related to the organization of management, providing information technologies, technical complexes located in various (remote) territories, water areas, to solve problems of a socio-economic and other nature, aerospace. An attempt is made in the work to reflect the current level of development and application of information technologies in order to ensure road safety by the example of improving the information support of the RF State Traffic Inspectorate units. 

Key words

security, transport, traffic, information technology, hardware and software complex, management.

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